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Turn your car into a money maker by giving people rides around town. Use the mobile driver app to find people needing rides and to track your earnings. Set your own hours and work whenever you want to. Get your earnings quickly too. Drivers are either paid weekly or can get paid up to 5 times per day (if Instant Pay is available in their location). Earn additional bonuses too, such as tips, driving at busy times, and $1,000 or more after providing your first 150 rides.

Figuring out what you might earn by driving for Uber can be difficult as there are a large number of factors involved. Drivers report everything from losing money to earning well over $25 per hour. In general, indications are that a typical Uber driver can expect to earn around $10 – $12 per hour after accounting for all the necessary expenses.

Some of the factors that will impact the amount a person earns include the times they drive, where they drive (not just which city, but also which parts of the city), and driving expenses.

Uber assesses fares based on the number of passengers looking for a ride at the time. If there are a lot of riders compared to the number of drivers, the cost of fares will increase. If there are a lot of drivers compared to the number of riders, then fares will go down. So if a person is looking to maximize their hourly rate it’s best to identify times when the “surge pricing” will be in effect and drively mostly at those times. This can include both certain hours of the day and days of the year (e.g. days when there are large local events). This is something which can be learned with experience.

Certain cities and certain areas in a city will tend to be busier or have passengers who are more likely to tip. There may be some cities where driving for Uber may not be very profitable most of the time. In those cases it is best to use Uber only in a limited capacity after figuring out when and where you can find real success driving in your city.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will have to pay your own expenses: gas, vehicle maintnance, taxes, etc. So, if your vehicle is relatively expensive to drive, Uber may not be for you or it may be best to only drive when high-paying fares are available.

As a result of these considerations, Uber may not be an ideal full-time job for many people. It does, however, provide a great opportunity to earn some additional income on the side by working part time if they learn how to find the best fares.

Uber provides drivers discounts on vehicle maintenance, mobile phone plans, and assists drivers in finding health insurance plans. Divers are provided with safety features such as an emergency assistance button via the Uber app and GPS tracking. Uber also insures all trips so you are not left financially vulnerable while driving passengers.

Deliver Uber Eats food orders to make money too. Pick up food from your local restaurants and deliver to hungry customers. Food deliveries can be made via car, scooter, or bicycle, giving non-car owners an opportunity to earn too.

Using Uber doesn’t prevent you from working for other similar services like Lyft or DoorDash. So a person can signup for multiple of these services and may find that at times one or another service offers better opportunities at different times of day. Switching between the apps may allow people to get the most out of each and improve their overall ability to earn.

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