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Valued Opinions is a paid survey panel owned by Dynata (previously Reserach Now SSI), which is one of the largest market research firms in the world. Although Valued Opinions only indicates having around 3 million members on its site, Dynata owns a number of other survey sites with millions more people using them. People can have the opportunity to earn cash rewards in the form of various gift cards by completing paid surveys on the site.

In many ways this is one of the simpler survey panel or get-paid-to type sites out there. The only way to earn money here is by filling out surveys, and there isn’t much complexity in terms of how survey payouts are determined. Surveys are listed with specific rewards which don’t don’t change based on how active you are on the site, or anything like that.

The site is also unique in that they don’t offer any rewards for filling out their rather extensive list of profiler surveys. It is still a good idea to fill out all the profiles in order to make sure you’re provided a list of surveys you’re most likely to qualify for, though. In fact, given the large amount of profiling info they collect, it’s likely that most people would experience fewer disqualified surveys on this site than on others.

The profiles can also be updated periodically to make sure you’re see the most relevant surveys, which isn’t something supported by all survey sites. You can tell a profile needs updated when you see a 1 minute survey with a $0.00 reward in the survey list. Just quickly fill it out to make sure that the profiling information is up to date.

So this site may be a good choice if you’ve run into difficulty qualifying for surveys on other sites. It does take a little longer to get started taking surveys if you opt to fill in all the profiles first, though.

Like many other online survey sites, Valued Opinions will email survey invitations to you. The good news is that they don’t send as many invites to pariticpate in surveys as other programs. The bad news is that the only way to unsubscribe from the emails appears to be by closing your Valued Opinions account.

The site does have an “Account Level” feature whereby people can earn badges and attain higher account levels like bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond. However, reaching a higher level doesn’t result in higher payouts for surveys or more surveys. Higher-level users don’t get paid any faster or anything else.

So there isn’t really any reason to pursue the higher account levels unless you want to challenge yourself. If you become inactive for a while and drop to a lower account level that’s also nothing to worry about since it doesn’t really change anything.

The rewards available from the site are one of the disappointing aspects. There are currently only about a dozen different gift cards to choose from. They range in value from $10 to $25. Most are for individual stores or online retailers, along with an option for a generic VISA gift card. The low $10 option is good since it’s possible to reach payout easily, but some additional variety of options would be nice.

Any gift cards which are delivered electronically typically arrive by email within 24 hours after being ordered (another plus), but delivery of physical gift cards may require up to about a month. In addition, Valued Opinions does require that you provide a valid US phone number which will bee used for verification each time a reward is requested. That’s an extra level of security beyond what most paid survey sites require.

Valued Opinions doesn’t currently have a mobile app for iOS or Android, but the website itself does function properly on mobile divices. So it is possible to complete paid surveys on the go using this program.

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