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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

Last Updated March 20th, 2018

CashCrate takes the privacy of member information very seriously. As such, we collect only the information necessary to operate the site and match you with applicable offers, surveys, videos and other earning opportunities - which we'll just call opportunities from this point forward - as well as protecting the interests of other members, our partners, their clients, as well as CashCrate itself.

  • We do not sell your information to anyone, or provide it to any third party for marketing purposes other than the completion of offers and surveys. You will not receive unsolicited e-mail, postal mail or telephone calls simply by signing up for CashCrate... however if you do opt in to or otherwise provide your information to other opportunities, you may receive communications from them subject to their policies.
  • We do not collect bank information such as account and routing numbers, credit card numbers, or social security numbers... and we will not ask you for them except for the following circumstances:
    1. Social security numbers (via W9 forms) are collected only for those members who earn $600 or more during a single calendar year, as required for IRS compliance. Digital copies of these forms are stored in a secure third party partner (SecureSafe) and by our accountant(s), and are not stored on our servers.
    2. Bank accounts and routing numbers are collected only for members who chose to receive payment via direct deposit, only for the purpose of making payment to you.
  • CashCrate is a unique opportunity in that we primarily make money when you complete opportunities. Because of this, we only share what's necessary for you to earn.
What information about me do you collect and why?

CashCrate collects information such as your name, address, e-mail address and phone number(s) for the purposes of identifying you for payment reasons and to ensure you are a true, unique person to ensure that each person completes only one of each offer/survey applicable to them. We also use your name and address to send you payments.

We collect demographic information, such as on pop-up questions and your Demographics Profile, to match you with offers and surveys based on qualifications set by the providers of those offers and surveys. We also provide this information to partners for the purposes of them matching you with offers and surveys for you.

Each offer and survey has qualifications provided by the end client and/or CashCrate partner that ensures the intended audience sees the offer or survey. For example, a company selling luxury automobiles may wish to have the survey completed only by people in their target market, who have an income typically sufficient to be interested in their product, who are or might be in the market to purchase a new automobile soon, etc. Or a company researching hearing aids for Medicare patients may be interested in only those over the age of 65, for example.

Some of our partners tell us who they are looking for in a particular survey, in which case we do the matching for them. Other times, we provide our partner with the basic information they need, and they return to us a list of what offers and surveys are available to you.

We do not exchange personally identifying information such as your name or address in order to determine if you have opportunities available to you. We do share your member ID and demographic information. For example, a typical exchange for us would be to tell a partner that we have a member #81028 who lives in Florida and is planning on buying a new car in the next 6 months (as well as any other relevant demographic information), and they will tell us what opportunities are a fit.

What about your partners that I share my information with?

Once you click on an offer or survey, or otherwise utilize a third party service through CashCrate, the information you provide them will be subject to their terms and conditions. You should always read and understand their terms and conditions before providing your information. We select and screen our partners carefully to ensure only reputable companies appear on the CashCrate platform.

CashCrate makes money when you earn. We only get paid when you match with an opportunity and complete it. So while we want to provide you with the most offers and surveys we can, it's very important to us and our partners that you are shown and complete offers and surveys whose qualifications you match.

What other information do you collect about me?

CashCrate uses your IP address to ensure you do not have multiple accounts and to verify your address ("geo-location"). We collect basic activity information as you use the site about what offers and surveys you prefer, and use that to customize your experience so you can make the most money possible.

CashCrate uses cookies for the purposes of analyzing your use of the site, recognizing you when you return to the site, and for things like remembering you've completed a login captcha, hidden a notification box, etc. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information on how we use cookies.

We also collect information about your device such as the platform (Apple, Microsoft Windows, Android, etc.) and browser (FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc.), its capabilities such as screen resolution, your mobile carrier or Internet Service Provider, etc. We use this information to match you with opportunities applicable to your platform, such as only showing an Android opportunity to users with an Android device, and to customize the site to your device.

Like many websites, CashCrate uses Google Analytics to view how our visitors utilize the site such as what pages are popular, how much time people spend on the site, etc. We do not share personally identifying information with Google Analytics, but your IP address is seen by Google Analytics and used for the purposes of identifying your general location.

This is who we share your information with

We only share your information with other organizations in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, or where we need to to provide the CashCrate website to you.

The list below includes third parties that we work with. It is not all-inclusive and we reserve the right to stop working with third parties or begin working with new third parties at any time:

Name of Third Party What they do
Google Analytics Website analytics
Tiburon Media Group Co-registration opportunities
Opt-Intelligence Co-registration opportunities
What if I do not wish to share my information.

Unfortunately, CashCrate as a business cannot function without the basic information about you that you provide us. You may continue to browse CashCrate anonymously without registering for an account, in which case we do not save or store any personally identifying information about you... however no opportunities will be available to you.

If you have already created an account and would like your account and all the associated information we have on you deleted, updated or a copy thereof, please log in and visit our GDPR Account Center.

How and how long do you keep my information?

CashCrate stores your information on secured servers protected by the latest encryption technologies. Due to the fact that unlike other companies, CashCrate does not close your account and take your earnings at any point, we do not delete your information as we would not be able to retain your funds if that was the case.

If at any point you would like your information deleted, please see below.

I have a question or would like more information, or I would like to delete my account, receive a copy of my data, or correct something.

You have specific rights provided by the GDPR which include your right to delete your account and all associated information, to receive a copy of the data associated with your account, and to make any changes to the information associated with your account.

To delete your account, receive a copy of its data, or make any changes to it, please visit the GDPR Account Center after logging in and select the appropriate action.

For more information, questions or concerns regarding your information, feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer:

Please note that we cannot respond to support inquiries or general questions at that address.