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Our Cookie policy

Last Updated March 20th, 2018

Our website uses cookies to identify you and distinguish you from other visitors to our site. Cookies are small pieces of data which we store on your browser, which then gets saved to your computer's hard drive.

We use cookies to:

  • Identify your account once you have logged in, and to identify your account when you return to the site and are not logged in
  • Anonymously recognize and count the number of people visiting our website, and see how our site is utilized and how it is performing
  • Save configuration things like whether you have hidden a notice, viewed a message, or completed a task on our site
  • Identify whether you've utilized CashCrate in the past and under which account(s) for the purposes of protecting the safety and security of all CashCrate accounts

You may block cookies in your web browser to prevent our site from using them, however that will limit your ability to use the site and nearly all of the functionality we provide.