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Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant (VA) works from home and provides administrative, technical, and other business related services. Duties include scheduling appointments, correspondence, putting together presentations, marketing, editing, handling phone calls, managing social media, and more. The scope of a VA’s duties can be pretty broad.

Virtual Assistants work from their home office and may be hired as independent contractors instead of employees. They work just the hours that a client needs them too. Since these positions are part time, VA’s often work for more than one client at a time.

This arrangement provides a number of benefits. A company doesn’t have to pay the wages for a full time position. It saves companies money. In turn, this provides a lot of flexibility to those who work as Virtual Assistants. Hours are flexible and VA’s get to work from home instead of commuting to a physical office.


So you have the skills and you’re interested in working as a Virtual Assistant. How do you start? Upwork and Zirtual are two sites you may want to look at.

Upwork  (formerly known as Odesk) connects businesses with freelancers. The first step is to sign up for a Free Freelancer Account. Freelancers looking for a Virtual Assistant position can browse the Virtual Assistant category. Apply for positions you are interested in.

Zirtual focuses exclusively on Virtual Assistant positions. Their hiring process is quite comprehensive. According to Zirtual, “All new employees are enrolled in Zirtual University, a comprehensive learning program that produces great Zirtual Assistants, ready to enhance the life of every Zirtual client. By graduation, our ZAs are the most efficient and effective virtual assistants on the planet.

Between an Internet and phone connection, a Virtual Assistant completes all the tasks that an Administrative Assistant on site performs. This allows the flexibility of working from home and picking and choosing the positions and hours you want. Virtual Assistants often mix in other endeavors like CashCrate. Opportunities like CashCrate are a perfect match because of the flexibility. You make money on CashCrate anytime you want to, and fit it into your schedule.