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Making Money with YouTube Videos

Do you create and post your own videos? Have you ever thought about monetizing them? YouTube gives you the option to set up ads inside or next to your videos. There are basically three things you’ll need to do.

-Set up your YouTube account for monetization.

-Enable monetization for existing videos and new videos as you upload them.

-Associate a Google AdSense account to your YouTube account.

Each of these items is discussed below.


Enabling Monetization

First step: On your YouTube Account Settings, you need to enable your account for Monetization.

Click the “Enable My Account” Button.

Agree to the YouTube Partner Program Terms and other stipulations.

Click the “I accept” button.

Your YouTube account is ready to be monetized. You can see more details about monetizing your videos here: Monetization Guidelines and Information

Ad Formats

Before you start monetizing your videos, you want to understand the basic Ad Formats:

Display Ads (appear next to the video)

Overlay Ads (appear on the bottom area of your video)

Sponsored Cards (display ads that may be related to your video topic)

Skippable video ads (allow viewers to skip the ad if they choose and continue to your video)

Non-Skippable video ads (ads that viewers cannot skip may also appear)

According to YouTube, “Earnings will depend on a number of factors. The two key factors are the type of ads and the pricing of ads appearing with your videos.”


Monetizing Your Existing Videos

For videos you’ve already uploaded, visit your Video Manager page and click the $ icon to the right of the video name to monetize.

Monetizing Videos as you Upload Them

After your account is enabled for monetization, you can choose to monetize your videos as you upload them.

When the video is uploading, click the Monetization Tab.

Select the “Monetize with ads” Tab.

Select/Deselect the desired ad formats.

According to YouTube “Once your video is submitted and approved for monetization, YouTube will place ads inside or near the video.”

AdSense Account

YouTube payments are made through Google AdSense, so you’ll need an AdSense account to get paid. If you do not have an AdSense account, you’ll need to sign up for one and get approved. See more info in the AdSense Help Center.


Reaching a Larger Audience

Videos allow you to reach a larger audience. Use your own blogs and websites to promote your videos, and include links to those blogs/websites in your video descriptions. Also promote your videos on other websites, forums, social media, and where ever else it is allowed. Videos can be an essential part of any Internet Marketing plan.

A number of CashCrate members have their own YouTube Video Channels. While you may not be able to monetize your CashCrate Videos directly through YouTube, videos are a great way to engage others and to build interest. If someone watches your CashCrate Video and joins as your referral, you make money every time they complete an offer or a survey. A popular video could mean a lot more referrals and a lot more money for you on CashCrate!

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