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Exciting news for Spring- more surveys than ever!

We've been working hard over the past year and are excited to announce that starting in April and May, we are adding several new survey partners which means we will have more surveys available to our members than ever before. We are adding additional... read more

Big referral program changes are coming!

When CashCrate started in 2006, a flat percentage on offers and a 5 cent commission on surveys worked well. Things have changed though. Today, there are a lot more surveys than there used to be, so it makes sense for our referral program to change... read more

Plus 10 Surveys Cash Contest for January!

Celebrate CashCrate's 10th Anniversary with a Plus 10 Surveys Contest.  What does that mean for you?  More prizes and more chances to win! The 50 members who earn the most money completing Surveys on the Surveys Page and TopSurveys Page in... read more