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Kelly Services: A Good Temporary Solution

Kelly Services is a leading temporary employment staffing agency. According to their website, they provide “employment to more than half a million people annually” and have clients from around the world.

Positions include temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire. Kelly also provides consulting and outsourcing services to a variety of different companies.

Temporary positions last for a specified amount of time, say from a few weeks to a few months or longer. Some temporary employees are hired full time after the time period ends. This often depends on how well they did their job and if the employer has additional work. Some temporary positions are seasonal, such as those in summer or winter resort areas. Other seasonal positions are filled around the holidays, such as Christmas.


Temporary positions are great for those only looking to work for a specified amount of time. People who freelance may take temporary positions in between projects. Those seeking full time employment may take a temporary position in hopes that it turns into something permanent.

You can search Kelly Services United States if you are in the USA and Kelly Services Global if you reside in another country. You’ll find temporary positions in a wide variety of disciplines including Accounting, Administrative, Business, Customer Support, Writing, Education, Food Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Sales, and more.

Temporary employees may need other ways to supplement their income, or to keep some money coming in, in between positions. CashCrate is a perfect fit. You make money on CashCrate any time you wish by completing surveys and more. Between temporary positions, freelancing, and other things, you decide how and when you work.