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Survey Profiling Questions: Why they are so important

Answering demographic questions thoughtfully and truthfully is so important. They are used to match you up to current and future surveys. Be sure to take time answering the questions. Read each one carefully and provide an honest answer.

When you first join, you are asked to complete the CashCrate Profile. You’ll see questions about things that are important to you, your preferred ways of making money, information about yourself, your occupation, etc. In the future, you’ll also see additional questions in the Profiler Bar at the top of the screen. Be sure to answer these questions when they appear, as it may help you receive even more surveys.


Your answers and preferences are saved and shared with survey providers to match you up to the surveys that best fit you. The more surveys you are matched to, the greater your potential for making money. You also get to share your opinions on today’s products and services and help shape the products and services of tomorrow.

Profile questions can help reduce the number of disqualifications too. You may notice sometimes you are screened out of a survey because it was not a good match for you. Answering profile questions helps make better matches.

Remember to always provide thoughtful and truthful answers when completing surveys as well. When survey providers see you are a quality survey taker, they may provide you with even more survey opportunities in the future. Just be honest, take your time, and provide the best answers you can. It’s great getting paid for your opinion at CashCrate!

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New Survey Profiling Questions

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