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It Pays to Shop Online!

Online Shopping saves you money. You can research prices on multiple sites and find things on sale. Check the price of the item you want at several retailers and you may find a better price than you can locally.

There’s so much variety. When you shop online, you can find so many things in so many different styles, sizes, colors, etc. Chances are with a little searching, you’ll find exactly what you want most of the time.

There are no crowds. You don’t have to hunt for a parking spot and fight your way through narrow store aisles. What about waiting in lines? Long lines are something most of us like to avoid.

You can shop 24/7. Want to do your Christmas or birthday shopping at 3 AM? You can do it! Some physical stores in your area may stay open all day, but all the stores online are open 24 hours a day every day.

It’s less expensive to send gifts. Many online retailers offer free shipping. Buy the item in a local store and you’ll pay to ship it yourself.


There are a lot of benefits to shopping online. Did you know you can get cash back for your online purchases too?

CashCrate’s Shopping Page has major retailers like Walmart, iTunes, PetSmart, Macys, Kmart, Famous Footwear, Lowes, Best Buy, Office Depot, Microsoft, Sears, Walgreens, and more. Find the retailer you are interested in and click on it. You are directed to the retailer’s site. Make a purchase as you normally would. In the upcoming weeks*, you’ll see cash back from your purchase, added to your CashCrate account balance.

You shop online anyways, so why not get something back for it? Save time by shopping on CashCrate and put some money back in your own pocket.

*up to 6 weeks after the date of the purchase