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Referring People You Don't Know: Part Two

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help people find your site or blog when they perform searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Think of the way you search. You want to buy a new bicycle. You go to Google and type in bicycle. Millions of results come up. Will you look through all of those results? No. Chances are you’ll look at several in the beginning of the results list.

Now let’s say you have a site about making money. When someone performs a search in Google for ways to make money, you want your site to come up in the list of results. You also want your site to appear at or near the top of the list so people will actually see it.

Things like keywords, backlinks, and content may help. Keywords are words and phrases that people might type in to find your site on a search engine. Be sure to include those words and phrases in your content, but don’t overdo it.


Backlinks are links to your site that are placed on another site. When you create backlinks for your site, try and make sure they are relevant. For example, don’t place a link for your make money site on a site that sells flowers. The two are really unrelated.

Content is simply the written content on your website or blog. Make sure your content is original and offers something of value to the visitor. Adding new content on a regular basis may help with search engine rankings too. At the very least, it may help to keep returning visitors engaged.

Search Engine Land has great information for beginners, including easy to understand videos. Do a Google Search for SEO and you’ll find lots of other results. Take some time to learn about SEO and it can pay off in the long run. Organic traffic through search engines is usually pretty high quality, because people are making the effort to look for you. Make sure they can find you and your site/blog.

Referring People You Don't Know: Part One

Inviting people you know is easy. You just ask friends and family if they want to join CashCrate and make free money like you do. But how do you invite people you don’t know? The Internet really is a World Wide Web and our big referrers know this.... read more