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Beat the Summer Heat and Earn Some Cool Cash!

Some days, it’s just too hot to go outside. The temperatures hit 90 and above, and you don’t want to move. The humidity makes it feels like a sauna. It might be better to wait until the evening to go outside, but what can you do until then? How about staying indoors and making some cool cash?


You share your opinion for free every day. What not get paid for it? Companies need your feedback about their products and services. Your opinions can help improve them, and also influence future products and services.

How does it work? It’s easy:

-Visit the Surveys, Best Surveys, or another surveys page.

-Click on the survey you’d like to complete. Read the descriptions because payouts and survey time lengths can vary.

-Answer any prequalifying questions that appear. Read all questions carefully. Sometimes there might be a control question asking you to pick a specific option, etc.

-After qualifying, continue with the survey. Provide thoughtful, truthful answers and take your time.

Tip: If you don’t qualify the first time you try, just try another survey. We have lots of them available and you should find surveys you do qualify for.



Offers may ask you to look at different products, take a quiz, sign up for free stuff like newsletters, etc. You may also find trial type offers for a product or service you are considering using. If you were going to sign up for a particular service anyways, now you can make some money doing so.


You can invite other people to join CashCrate. Just give them your unique referral link. When they join CashCrate, you’ll make money every time they complete an offer or survey. Super simple and you get to help others earn too! See how it all works here: Referral Levels Explained

That sound good? Let’s grab a cold drink, chill out, and get you making some free extra money!

How Many People Do You Know?

How many people do you know who want to make more money? Everyone could use some extra money, right? You could probably use some too. How would you like to help people earn and make more yourself? Does that sound good to you? Then read on. CashCrate... read more

So You Want to Make More?

So you want to make more money? Here’s how you can! Invite Others: Have friends or family who could use extra money? Give them your unique referral link. You can find it on the Referrals Page. When they click your link and sign up, they join... read more

Start the New Year Off Right! Refer and Earn More!

Want to make more in 2018? Do you enjoy helping others? Invite people you know to join CashCrate. Invite others online too. When you help them make money, you make money too. How does that happen? It happens with the CashCrate Referral program. How does... read more