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This is How You Get Started: Refer Others and Make More Money!

You want to refer others, but you don’t know how to start. You do know referring could help you earn a lot more money though. So how will you get your own referrals? Here are some ideas:

First, find your unique referral link to share with others on the Referrals Page.



-Invite friends

-Invite family

-Post on forums and other sites (Where it is allowed. Be sure to follow the rules).

-Create some flyers. You can do that right on CashCrate in the Promotion Center.

-Hang those flyers on public bulletin boards. Maybe some colleges in your area have community boards? Maybe places like laundromats too?

-Make some business cards with your referral link on them. Again, you can do this on CashCrate in the Promotion Center. Then hand them out.


-Create your own blog. Add your CashCrate referral link or banner.

-Create your own website. Add your CashCrate referral link or banner.

-Join different online groups, etc. where people are interested in making money.

-Explore social media. Maybe create your own page on Twitter for example.

-Make a copy of this list and brainstorm. Add your own ideas.

As you can see, this is a pretty good start. There are lots of different ways to get referrals. Many people out there are interested in making free extra money, but they don’t know about CashCrate yet. You can be the one to help them.

Referring could greatly increase your earnings at CashCrate. Every time a referral completes an offer or survey, you make money! What could be better than helping others and getting paid for it?

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