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What am I going to write next? Generating New Content for your Blog or Site

In a prior post, we discussed places where you can create your own blogs and sites. In this post, we’ll discuss ideas for generating more content.

It’s scary looking at a blank white screen and thinking, “What am I going to write next?” The ideas aren’t coming. I don’t know where to start. Does any of this sound familiar?


When we discussed blogs and sites in our last post, we used bicycles as an example. Let’s use it again. How do you keep coming up with ideas for future posts? Start by listing all the things you can think of about bicycles. This process will work for any topic.



Mountain Bikes

Road Bicycles

Racing Bicycles







Handle Bars



Things you do:

Riding Trails

Riding on the Street

Riding on Bike Paths

Taking Trips with Friends









You can see we’ve already got a pretty long list. Spend some more time brainstorming and you can probably double or triple the size of that list pretty quickly. Now you have a lot of ideas for future posts!

Think about your topic, your own hobby. Open a word processer, a spreadsheet, etc. and start listing your ideas. Spend a few minutes and do it right now. How many ideas did you come up with? Did you think of at least a few?

If you continue to add content to your blog or site and promote it, chances are you’ll attract some quality traffic. How do you earn money for your bicycle hobby? You can write about how you complete surveys, offers, watch cash videos, etc. on CashCrate. Include your Referral Link or your CashCrate Banner in those posts, or maybe in a side panel on your blog/site. When someone reading your post clicks your link or banner, they sign up as your referral. When they complete surveys and offers, they earn you more bicycle money, or money for whatever your hobby may be.

Don’t let that blank white screen intimidate you. List some ideas and jump write in. :)