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Stay Warm and Take Some Surveys

Colder days are coming. The days are getting shorter and snow will soon be in the forecast for some of us. If you’re not a fan of chilly blustery days, today might be a good day to stay inside.

How about grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and making some money from the comfort of your home? It’s a lot warmer and you won’t have to put on a coat and hat. It’s also simple to make money online.


Have you expressed your opinion about anything today? Maybe a television commercial, a song, or something in the news? Most of us share our opinions every day, about one thing or another. How about expressing your opinion in a survey and getting paid for it? That sounds pretty cool, right?

CashCrate has lots of surveys for you to take. Topics vary widely and include many products and services you already use. Just join CashCrate if you haven’t already. The sign-up process is super simple. Then visit the Surveys Page.

Click on the survey you’d like to take and respond to the initial questions. Pay attention and provide thoughtful, truthful answers. After qualifying, continue to read each question carefully and provide your opinion until you reach the end. That’s it!

Expressing your opinion comes naturally. You do it every day. What’s your opinion about colder days? Would you rather be outside braving the cold, rain, and snow? Or would you rather be inside your toasty warm home making some extra money? Your answers to these questions are like your answers on surveys. You’re just expressing how you feel.

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Why Should You Complete Surveys?

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