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October 2017 Newsletter

Halloween is Tuesday, October 31. Do you have your trick or treat on?

Earn some sweet treats (cash) completing surveys, offers, and more this month. Keep checking for new surveys as they come out regularly.

Want something to hand out that can make you money? Create business cards with your own referral link on the CashCrate Promotion Center. It’s super easy!

Create flyers and banners too!


Find all the latest info about contests, promotions, etc. on the CashCrate Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!


Look for a special member event on Halloween. Get your trick or treat on and make some extra cash! Keep an eye on the CashCrate blog for more details to be announced.

Tip: Check for new surveys every day or as often as you can. Surveys come out on a regular basis and some don’t last too long as they accept a limited number of completions. Do them when you see them!