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Looking Back and Ahead on New Year's Eve

2016 was a great year. We broke 7 million members at CashCrate and continue to grow. We’ve paid members for over a decade and will continue to pay you for decades to come. We’ve enjoyed hearing from you, helping you, and working with you. While we look back on 2016, we also look forward to the future.


How was 2016 for you? What great things did you accomplish? We had some members who got married, graduated high school or college, had a baby, or experienced other positive life changing events. Some used their CashCrate money to help with these wonderful things.

How do you celebrate New Year’s? Do you watch the ball drop on TV? Are you going out to a New Year’s party or a family get together? Please feel free to post a comment below and let us know how 2016 was for you, and how you celebrate the arrival of 2017. We love hearing from you.

At CashCrate, all of our members are number one! Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

CashCrate Hits 6 Million Members!

CashCrate hit 6 million members today! It is amazing how much we’ve grown! CashCrate was founded with the idea that members were number one. It was our mission to give members a better experience here than they could find on other sites, and a... read more

Another $100 Live Contest Winner! You Could Win Too!!

Gerard from South Carolina won $100 in the CashCrate Live Raffle on April 23rd. We’d like to congratulate him on his win. How did Gerard win $100? He simply joined a CashCrate Live Contest, participated in the Contest Chat, and completed Offers and... read more

$100 Live Contest Winner! See How It Could Be You!!

Ben from Michigan won $100 in the CashCrate Live Raffle on March 20th! We also had lots of other winners too, who won Amazon Gift Cards and Cash. And even more winners who answered Cash Trivia Questions! Ben shares his experience in the Live... read more

Mystery Shopping Scam

CashCrate does not offer Mystery Shopping as a way to make money. If you receive a Mystery Shopping Offer, do not reply to it. Scammers are using the CashCrate company name in a Mystery Shopping – Western Union Money Transfer Scam. These letters,... read more