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Memorial Day: The Unofficial Start of Summer

Memorial Day is Monday, May 28, 2018. Yay, it’s the start of summer again! Amusement parks, campgrounds, beaches, and other summer spots start opening again in many areas of the country. Technically, summer starts on June 21st. For those of us who live in northern climates though. Summer starts on Memorial Day because the season seems so short.

Speaking of shorts, it may be time to get them out again and pack away the colder weather clothes. Time to get out the bathing suits too if you plan on hitting a beach or a water park for the 3 day weekend. One bad thing about holiday weekends though, the beaches and amusement parks are more crowded.


If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, camping may be a better option for you. Campgrounds may be busier than usual over the Memorial Day weekend, but you can probably still find a pretty secluded spot. Maybe plan a trip to a camp ground in a more out of the way, rural area. If you’re really outdoorsy and into hiking, you can walk back into the woods and find a place all for yourself (and friends and family who may have joined you).

Cook outs are another popular choice. If you live in a suburban or rural area, you don’t have to travel far at all. Just set up the grill in your backyard. The bulk of the travel will probably be going to the local grocery store to pick up hot dogs, hamburgers, and other supplies.

Unfortunately, some people have to work on the 3 day weekend: Nurses and others in the medical field, retail and restaurant workers, and of course those working at the amusement parks, beaches, and campgrounds that we visit.

People do a lot of different things on Memorial Day weekend. What are your plans? Post below and feel free to share. From all of us at CashCrate, Happy Memorial Day!

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