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Is it Real?

Is making money online real? Are there really ways to make money online? Is CashCrate real? These are some of the questions you may see on the Internet when you try and refer others. What’s the best way to answer these questions?

Show them, don’t tell them. Yes, it’s an old saying, but that simple method still works well. So how do you show people CashCrate is real? The easiest way is showing people your payments.

If you get paid by check, show your actual check to your friends and family before you cash it.

Scan or take a picture of your check to show others online. Just be sure to block out any confidential stuff like account numbers at the bottom of your check, etc.

If you get paid by PayPal, you can take a screen shot of your PayPal account to show others. Again, be sure to block out any confidential information.

You can show people the Payment Wall on CashCrate. Here, people can see tons of payments that we’ve sent our members.


Just to mention: You can post images of your payments to the payment wall too. When they are approved, 20 points are added to your CashCrate account. Then, you can show others an image of your own payment on the Payment Wall.  If you want others to join as your referral, be sure to give them your referral link too.

In addition, CashCrate has over 7 million members. We’re growing every day and have paid our members for over 11 years.

Showing people that CashCrate is real can help address their questions and overcome their concerns. In turn, you’ll be helping others make money online, and you’ll be earning more with CashCrate’s referral program.

Note: You can see more details about all the payment options at CashCrate here: CashCrate Payment Details

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