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Start the New Year Off Right! Refer and Earn More!

Want to make more in 2018? Do you enjoy helping others? Invite people you know to join CashCrate. Invite others online too. When you help them make money, you make money too. How does that happen? It happens with the CashCrate Referral program.

How does it work? It’s simple.

Start by giving people your CashCrate referral link. Every member has a unique link found on the Referrals Page. When someone uses your link to sign up, they become your referral. When they complete surveys and offers, you earn a referral commission.


Let’s say you invite a friend and they complete a $1 survey. You earn a referral commission of 20 cents. That commission percentage increases as you add more referrals. This may not sound like much to start, but let’s say your friend completes an average of $1 in surveys a day for the entire month. Your friend will earn $30. You will earn a $6 referral commission ($1 x 30 days x 20 percent).

What if you invited 10 friends? 10 friends completing $1 in surveys per day would give you a $60 referral commission! (10 friends x $1 x 30 days x 20 percent) You can see how it all adds up! The more people you invite, the more you can potentially earn.

With the referral program, you help others make money online. In turn, you get paid too. If you enjoy helping others, the CashCrate Referral Program is a great match for you. Help others in 2018 and watch your money grow!

Referral Program Changes for 2017

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