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Autumn Getaways

Not all of us can get away in the autumn. Some of us have kids and some of us can’t take time off from our jobs. But if you can get away, the fall is a great time to vacation. It’s “off season” for many places, so room rates will be cheaper. Travel may be cheaper as well. They’ll be less crowds. Souvenirs and other items may be marked down too.

If you’re a beach goer, you know how crazy busy it can be in the middle of summer. Some days, you have a hard time finding a spot to put your chair (and your toes) in the sand. Then you walk through a maze of people and towels to reach the water. In the fall, beach crowds are much more thinned out.

The further south you go, the longer beach weather lasts. In September and October, you may find it’s warm enough for a swim. Even if it’s not, taking a walk along an uncrowded beach and getting your toes wet can be a great experience too. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the crowds.

If you’re going or staying further north, you can check out the changing color of the leaves. While this is a pretty popular thing, there are many out of the way places you can visit. Take a drive and check out the reds, oranges, and the other colors.


If you’re a big kid at heart, fall is a good time to visit theme parks like Disney World or Universal Studios. It’s tougher for families with younger children to visit now as the kids are back in school. Not having to wait as long in line can be a magical thing.

If you can’t get away for a week-long excursion, taking a weekend trip or even a day trip is lots of fun. For shorter trips, check out happenings in your state and local area. Chances are you’ll find something you like nearby.

No matter what you do, enjoy your autumn!

Fall Colors

The first day of fall (or autumn) is September 22nd, 2017. Many people think of the beauty of spring, and flowers blooming. There is a lot of beauty in the fall colors too. In many places, it’s a big boost for tourism. Leaves turn brilliant shades... read more