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Looking at Craigslist

Craig Newmark started Craigslist in 1995 to list local events in the San Francisco area. In the 20+ years since then, Craigslist has exploded in popularity. Today, Craigslist provides local classifieds for all 50 states in the USA, as well as Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and other areas all over the world. The site includes a Jobs and a Gigs category where people can search for employment. Gigs are typically short-term positions. Items posted in Jobs may be longer term and permanent in nature.

Using Craigslist is easy. Start by selecting your location (state, city, region, country, etc.). When the region/city page appears, click on a category. Use the search feature at the top to search for certain terms, positions, etc. within that category.


Like anything else, you want to use a bit of caution and your best judgement. Many jobs and gigs are legitimate, but some may not be. There should not be a fee required to apply for a job or a gig. Legitimate positions are always free to apply for. Avoid any positions that ask you to use your bank account, such as check cashing positions. If you don’t feel right about a listing, don’t apply for it. Keep looking and find something else to apply for.

Using sites like Craigslist, Work at Home Forums, and other job search sites will help you reach a broader range of employers. If your position requires a resume, have it ready to email and upload. Looking for a job can seem like a full time job in itself.

Underemployed and unemployed people can use sites like CashCrate (as independent contractors) to make some money while they continue to look for work. Those who already have full time positions may use CashCrate as a secondary income source. Finding the right job can take a while, but in the meantime, it’s nice to have some money coming in.

Considering a Job Change for 2016?

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