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Easter: How Do You Celebrate?

Easter is Sunday, April 16th, 2017. How do you celebrate?

Easter Eggs: Coloring Easter Eggs is a fun family activity (after the cooking part anyways). You may want to skip the hard boiling step with the kids lol. There are many commercial egg dying kits you can buy, or you can use food coloring. Do this is a room that doesn’t have carpeting like the kitchen, especially if you have little ones who are prone to spills.

Easter Egg Hunt: Hide plastic eggs filled with candy and change around the yard and watch the fun begin. Many cities and towns hold their own Easter Egg Hunts too. Check with your local community.


Easter Baskets: Fill with all kinds of goodies such as jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, Peeps, little toys, and all sorts of other stuff all on top of Easter Grass. Millions of kids are excited when they find a basket waiting for them in the morning.

Church: Easter is a religious holiday for those who practice the Christian faith. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, and many people will attend church services.

Easter Bunny: Here Comes Peter Cottontail. You can watch the Easter Bunny on TV. There are a number of holiday specials. Some larger stores and malls may also have an Easter Bunny that the kids can visit. I remember the first time we brought my niece. She was terrified and screamed and cried and wouldn’t go near the bunny. Hopefully your visit will go better.

Easter Dinner: Easter, and other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times for families to get together and share a nice meal.

However you celebrate, all of us at CashCrate wish you the happiest of Easters!

Easter Surprises

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