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Tips to Stay Cool and Beat the Summer Heat

July is a great month, full of fun activities. It sure can get hot though! Here are some tips for beating the summer heat and staying cooler.

Drink water. That sounds obvious, but some of us don’t drink enough. You’ll feel better when you stay hydrated.

Wear light colored clothing. Darker colors can absorb heat and make you feel hotter.

Close curtains and blinds during the day. This blocks the heat of direct sunlight and helps keep your house a bit more comfortable.

Run a fan when it gets dark. Summer nights are often a bit cooler. Put a fan in the window to bring in some of that cooler air. In the morning, close windows and again, close the curtains and blinds.

Look for shade. If you’re going to be outside during the hottest parts of the day, you may find you need some breaks from the sun.


Turn on the A/C. Air conditioning will definitely cool things off, but it will cost you by increasing your utility bill.

Eat smaller meals. When you eat a large meal, your body generates more metabolic heat digesting it.

Take a cold shower or a cool bath.

Limit physical activity to a cooler part of the day. If you run or powerwalk for example, do it in the early morning or late evening. Consider joining a gym or your local YMCA. It will probably be climate controlled.

Take a swim. Hit your local beaches or a community pool. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your yard. This is another good reason to join the Y too.

What are your tips for staying cool? Post below and let us know.

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