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Making the Holiday Push can Make You More Money!

Family budgets are tight enough when you figure in things like food, clothing, rent or mortgage, car expenses, etc. Think about why you’re on CashCrate. Do you need the additional money you make here? Do you think others could use extra money too?

With that in mind, it’s time to make the holiday push. In our last article, we discussed creating your own blog or website. Now, you can write about how CashCrate helps you for the holidays and how it can help others.


Do you need Extra Spending Money for the Holidays? Could you use Christmas Present Money? These are a couple of examples of “keywords” that you could use when you write your content. Keywords are basically the words and phrases people type into a search engine like Google when they search for things. By using keywords in the content you write, you hope people on Google will find your site when they do searches. The same holds true for other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

You don’t want to flood your content with keywords. Use them sparingly and write naturally. Perhaps write a rough draft on how CashCrate helps you prepare for the holidays. How CashCrate puts more money in your Christmas budget. How your earnings here helped you buy presents for your family. Tell people that CashCrate can help them the same way. Include your referral link in your content and perhaps use a referral banner as well from our Promo Center. Then go back and work in a few keywords if you haven’t already.

Don’t overdo it with the referral links either. It’s best to include one link near the bottom of your content and perhaps a referral banner too. Some believe that it is best to keep links “below the fold.” Imagine your post is written on a piece of paper. You fold that piece of paper in half. Keep links below that “fold.”

Also, remember people don’t want to sign up for CashCrate to make you money. They will want to sign up because it benefits them. Explain how CashCrate can help them make their own money and relate things to them.


What motivated you to join CashCrate? Tell other people about it. Motivate them. Relate it to their Christmas, their holiday season, their families, their needs, etc. Make the holiday push and help others make more of their own holiday money!

Even if you don't have your own blog or website, you can still tell others about CashCrate.  Promote on various sites, forums, social media, etc. that allows it.  Just be sure to follow the rules.