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Finding Temporary Work for the Holidays

Holidays can be tough financially. Have you ever thought about finding a seasonal job or other ways to put more money in your budget? Here’s some ideas:

Local Stores  

Stores in your local area may hire seasonal employees. Start putting in applications the next time you go shopping.

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Amazon hires Seasonal Fulfillment Associates for their Fulfillment Centers. Other large retailers hire seasonal workers too. If you live near a warehouse/fulfillment center, this may be a good place to apply. Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, and Toys “R” Us are a few more examples of large retailers that have warehouses and distribution centers.

FedEx and UPS

Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS often hire seasonal employees to keep up with the holiday rush.


Seasonal Businesses

Winter resorts and ski areas hire employees to work in the winter. If there is snow on the ground and you live in ski country, it’s worth checking out. You might consider starting your own seasonal business too, such as clearing out driveways and shoveling walkways.

1-800-Flowers and other Florists

Companies like 1-800-Flowers and others often hire temporary at home workers around big holidays, such as Christmas and Mother’s Day. You might not think of florists around the winter holidays, but someone has to sell all those Poinsettias.

Online Earning Opportunities

Taking surveys online is a great way to make extra money. CashCrate provides surveys about products and services you use every day. Express your honest opinion and get paid for it.  While not a job, it's a great way to make money!

Temporary Agencies

Companies contract with temp agencies like Kelly Services to find seasonal workers. Check with the agencies in your local area.


Restaurants seem to hire year round so it’s a pretty good bet they’ll be hiring during the holiday season. If you live in an area that attracts winter tourists, you may find even more jobs available during that time of the year.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shoppers complete specific assignments at retailers in their area and rate things such as customer service and the overall shopping experience. While this doesn’t provide a full time income, it is a nice way to make a little extra money on the side. You can try searching for mystery shopping positions online and look at sites like BestMark.