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Is it hot enough?

Staying cool in July can be a challenge. The temperatures and humidity keep getting higher. If you have a day planned at the beach or the pool, that’s perfect. Something else, like taking a jog or doing some yard work may be a losing battle! It’s just too hot! Maybe it’s one of those days where you want to see if frying an egg on the sidewalk really works.


If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning, staying inside might be nice, or at least coming in from the outside every now and then to cool off. If you don’t have A/C, sitting in front of a fan can feel good too. Keeping the curtains drawn and not using the oven, stove, or clothes dryer can help keep the inside heat down too.

So if you’re not cooking on a hot summer day, maybe a cool treat or meal is in order. How about some ice cream? Maybe a nice healthy salad for dinner? Fresh vegetables are in season during the summer months. A cold drink can sure hit the spot too. How about ice water or lemonade? Maybe an ice cold soda?

Staying inside on a hot day can sure get boring though. Thank gosh for the computer and surfing the web. If you’re playing around online anyways, how about making some money while you are at it? You can complete some surveys on CashCrate and beat the heat. Earn some cash, no sweat.