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Hippity, Hoppity Happy Easter

Easter is Sunday, April 1st. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Easter is actually on that day. Hopefully no one will hide the Easter dinner lol. The last time Easter fell on April Fool’s Day was 1956, so it’s been a long time. Easter won’t fall on April 1st again until 2029. There’s some interesting trivia to share around the table when you’re having Easter dinner.

Here's some more trivia. In 1956, the song “Here comes Peter Cottontail” had only been out for several years. Gene Aurty recorded his version in 1950. 

Probably most of us have heard of Peter Cottontail one way or another. There are Peter Cottontail holiday specials on TV. There are books, toys, and movies too. The magical rabbit has a special place in the hearts of many children (and adults too).


As a kid, did you ever wake up Easter morning to find a jelly bean trail or clues that led you to your Easter Basket? It was like a treasure hunt, thinking of all the goodies you might find, kind of like you were hopping along your own bunny trail.

I remember one year as a kid, my parents hid my Easter basket in the clothes dryer. For some reason, my sister turned on the dryer before I started following the clues to find it. Luckily she turned off the dryer quick because it made so much noise, but boy what a mess. Chocolate eggs, jelly beans, plastic grass, under an empty basket at the bottom of the dryer. It’s honestly one of my favorite Easter memories.

Do you have an Easter memory or another nice memory you’d care to share? Please feel free to post it below. From all of us at CashCrate, Happy Easter to you and your families.


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