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So You Want to Make More?

So you want to make more money? Here’s how you can!

Invite Others: Have friends or family who could use extra money? Give them your unique referral link. You can find it on the Referrals Page. When they click your link and sign up, they join CashCrate as your referral.

When your referrals complete surveys and offers, you earn money too! See how it all works here: Referral Levels Explained


Share Your Opinion: Complete surveys. Share your thoughts about different products, services, etc. It’s easy!

-Click on the survey you’d like to take.

-Answer the prequalification questions.

-After qualifying, keep answering questions until the end.

Make sure to take your time and provide truthful answers to all survey questions. Companies need your feedback and are willing to pay you!


Check Stuff Out: Look at things on the Offers Page. Read the offer description, follow instructions in the description, and you can earn.


Have Fun: Do you like playing games? Do you like making money? CashCrate has lots of games for you! Play games and make a few extra cents in between taking surveys and offers.


Repeat: Keep inviting people to join CashCrate and you’ll keep earning more, as more of your referrals complete surveys and offers. Complete surveys yourself too! Do this consistently and you can see your earnings grow on CashCrate!

Points are the Icing on the Cake

Points are an added benefit on CashCrate. Why should you take advantage of them? You can use points to claim prizes like gift cards to major retailers, and you can use points to play games. Earning Points The first step is earning some points. Visit... read more