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February 2017 Newsletter

February is a short month, but it’s packed full of great stuff for you!


New Surveys: We’re adding a few new surveys providers and a lot more surveys for you in February. Be on the lookout for those. More opportunities to make more money!

How to make $100+ a month: Ever wonder how people are making $100 or more every month on CashCrate? Complete just a few surveys, offers, etc. every day. Doing just a little bit really adds up! How To Make $100 a Month on CashCrate


More Profiling Questions: In the near future, you’ll see more questions appearing at the top of the screen. These questions will be about your interests, activities, etc. It’s important to answer these because they help match you up to surveys that are right for you!

Survey Questions: Reading questions carefully is very important. Survey companies are continuing to work on ways to ensure quality responses and some surveys may contain control questions.

For example, a question may ask you to choose a specific option from the list, provide a specific response, etc. Be sure to read every question from start to finish and don’t rush through surveys. Doing this will help you with approvals.


Tip: Sometimes, you may not qualify for the first survey you attempt. You can keep trying until you do find a survey you qualify for. Don’t give up on the first try!