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Hungry? 5 Dining Deals Sites Worth Tasting

By Aaron Crowe

Aaron Crowe is a freelance journalist who specializes in personal finance. Aaron blogs via

You know about Groupon and LivingSocial. But do you know where to go when all you're interested in is food?

Here are five dining websites to check out the next time your stomach is growling:

1. is a good place to start if you're looking to have something delivered. It serves more than 75 cities and online ordering is free. Delivery costs and minimum order amounts are listed by restaurant, or you can pick it up for free. Don't expect to get a high-priced meal delivered to your home. Pizza delivery is common, and some places only take phone orders. Check out its iPhone app, too.

2. has an iPhone app with limited-time offers in real-time as the site monitors thousands of restaurants across the country to find you the best deals. It has filters to search for restaurant deals by location, food, time of day and price range.

3. has partnered with FourSquare for local tips on its picks of the best cheap restaurants in major cities. Cheapism's local editors review area restaurants for affordability and food quality, combined with reviews from other websites and newspapers. If the aggregated reviews point to a positive consensus, then it recommends the restaurant. The best news is that the site doesn't review fast food places.

4. finds meals for $10 or less per person, making it a perfect way to find a quick and inexpensive lunch. It offers restaurant reviews and lets users search by type of cuisine and within a radius of an address. The downside is that so far it's only offered in a dozen U.S. cities.

5. has a mobile app to search by location, price point and type of cuisine. Users can also search by what it calls its "top 100 winners" and "best of category winners," which reads like a guide to the best restaurants in town.  Other filters include by neighborhood, and features such as if the restaurant has a full bar, handicap access, is kid friendly, vegetarian friendly, or has patio seating. It covers about 50 major cities and hundreds of smaller cities throughout the country, so chances are your city is covered.

These are just five ways to get started when you need to find a tasty dining deal and fast. When you're hungry, though, you'll only need one.

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