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How To Make $100 a Month on CashCrate

How can you make $100 a month on CashCrate? It’s a lot easier than you think it is!

Complete one 80 cent Daily Survey a day and that’s $24 ($.80 x 30 days). Complete 4 surveys a day and you are almost at $100 ($.80 x 4 surveys a day x 30 days =$96). Complete just a few more surveys or cash offers and you’ll be over $100. Pretty easy, right?

The biggest challenge is consistency. Doing a little bit every day really adds up. Coming up with an earnings plan will help you meet your goals. That plan is just a plan. It’s flexible. You can add to it and earn even more. You can change it as you find more ways to maximize your earnings.

Below, find some different plan ideas we’ve put together for you. The numbers are approximate averages and assume a 30 day month. With just a little more work, you can earn a lot more!

How to Earn $100+ a Month

Plan 1

Complete $3.50 in Surveys each day (4 or 5 surveys a day x 30 days)

$105+ Total Earnings

Plan 2

$48 Complete two 80 cent Daily Surveys each day ($.80 x 2 surveys a day x 30 days)

$30 Complete $1’s worth of other surveys every day ($1 x 30 days)

$12 Complete $3 of Cash Offers each week ($3 x 4 weeks)

$10 Complete some Bonus Surveys and Bonus Offers

$100 Total Earnings


Plan 3

$96 Complete four 80 cent Daily Surveys per day ($.80 x 4 surveys a day x 30 days)

$4 Complete some items on the Videos & More tab each month

$100 Total

Plan 4 (Create your own plan here)

$---Daily Surveys

$---Other Surveys

$--Cash Offers

$--Videos & More

$--Bonus Surveys

$--Bonus offers

$--Referring Others can help you make a lot more money too!

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to make $100 a month on CashCrate. It’s also possible to make a whole lot more!