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Yes, you get paid for all of these! That’s really sweet!

Making money online is such a treat. You do it from your own home. You don’t have to fight traffic and commute to get somewhere. You can do it anytime you want and for as long as you want. You decide when it’s break time and lunch time. You can wear a comfortable pair of sweat pants, shorts, or even make money in your PJ’s. You can make money any time of the day. That’s pretty sweet!

Here’s some examples:

Take a survey and express your opinion. Surveys may ask you for feedback on a product, a service, purchases you have made, items that you use, vacations, insurance, television, movies, and a whole lot more. Click on the survey you’d like to take. Answer some prequalification questions. After qualifying for a survey, complete it to the end by providing honest and thoughtful answers.

Take an offer and look at different products and services. Read the offer description for details on how to complete it.


Have fun and play a game. CashCrate has lots for you to choose from including card games, word games, strategy, puzzles, and arcade games.

Watch videos. Find them on the Videos & More and other pages.

Join a contest. Do you like contests and winning prizes? Check out CashCrate’s contest page, where you’ll find a contest happening each and every month. Just complete surveys, offers, etc. and you are automatically entered. Keep completing things for your chance to win.

No matter your appetite for earning, CashCrate has something for you.

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