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10% More Under Your Tree for Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! On Monday, December 25th, get 10% more under your tree for all approved Surveys (on the Surveys and Best Surveys pages) and Cash Offers!


Member Appreciation Day bonuses will be added to your total bonus amount and can take some time to appear (up to 24 hours). This promotion lasts until 11:59 PM EST.

12% Bonuses for Christmas Day!

Get 12% extra for all approved Cash Offers and Daily Surveys on Christmas. Drum up some extra cash on December 25th! This promotion lasts until 11:59 PM EST. Questions? Ask on the CashCrate Forum.

Make More Money with Daily Surveys!

Did you know you can complete each Daily Survey every single day? That adds up to a lot more money in your pocket. Say for example, you complete just $3 in daily surveys per day. At the end of the month, that’s $90! (30 days x $3). Two great... read more

Featured - Surveys This Month Are AWESOME!

By l0rianna Lorianna is make really nice money on CashCrate.  In the last 4 days, she has more than doubled her monthly earnings.  Want to know how? ... read more

Earn 10% More Money on Memorial Day

Get an 10% extra for all approved Cash Offers and Daily Surveys on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th! This promotion lasts until 11:59 PM EST. It's a whole day of extra earnings.