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Survey Types: The Right Way for You to Earn!

Complete just a few surveys a day and you’ll get a nice payment from CashCrate every month! Complete more and you’ll get even bigger payments! New surveys come out all the time, so be sure to check the survey pages every day.

Daily Surveys

Get rewarded for expressing your honest thoughts and opinions. Daily Surveys can be completed every 24 hours. Some can be completed multiple times a day. This is indicated in the survey’s description. Find Daily Surveys from:

-LiveSample (Complete 2 times per day)

-YourSurveys (Complete 2 times per day)

-Tap Research (Complete up to 5 times a day)

-GlobalTestMarket (Complete 1 time per day)

-MyThoughtCounts (Complete 1 time per day)


Pulley Surveys

Pulley Surveys deserve a special spot of their own because you can complete so many!  They pay $1 per regular survey completion and 50 cents each for the shorter surveys. Complete up to 30 Pulley Surveys per day. That’s a lot of extra money in your pocket!

Regular Surveys

The payout for Regular Surveys can range from lower amounts like 25 cents, all the way up to a few dollars or more. In many cases, the more a survey pays, the longer it will take to complete (though this is not always the case).

These surveys can be completed as you see them, so be sure to do some every day. We recommend completing these surveys when you see them, as surveys may accept a limited amount of responses before they close. In other words, get them before they’re gone.

TapResearch Survey Page

Find lots of surveys every day on the TapResearch page! Review the payouts and lengths and then click on the survey you want to take. Surveys are rated by other survey takers, from 1 to 5 stars, so this may help you decide too.

Want more surveys to choose from? Click the “Show More Surveys” button at the bottom.




Surveys are a great way to make money. Companies need to know your thoughts about their products and services. Share your honest opinions and get paid!

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