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Fall Colors

The first day of fall (or autumn) is September 22nd, 2017. Many people think of the beauty of spring, and flowers blooming. There is a lot of beauty in the fall colors too. In many places, it’s a big boost for tourism.

Leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, yellow, and red in the fall and make the landscape look like a post card. So where are the best places to see the fall colors? Here’s a list of some of the states: Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York State (NY isn’t one big city. There are the Catskill and the Adirondack Mountains), Massachusetts, Tennessee and North Carolina (Great Smoky Mountains). There are more states too.


If you’re planning a day or weekend trip to check out some fall color, find out when peak time occurs. It can vary from one region to another. For example, peak time might be late September or early October in Maine, but mid or late October in the state of Washington. To find peak times, you can look at a variety of different sites including the Weather Channel Fall Foliage Maps.

Weather conditions can also affect peak times and the vibrancy of the fall colors. Was it a very dry summer, is it getting colder than usual, etc. Peak time might vary a bit from year to year.

Weekend getaways are always nice, no matter what time of the year. It’s certainly a great way to enjoy some time off and relax. If you can time a weekend getaway with the peak time for fall colors, the scenery will be even more beautiful. Enjoy the fall.