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Payment Wall: Post Your Payment and Get Points!

Did you know you get 20 points for every payment you post to the CashCrate Payment Wall? Use points to play games and to claim gift cards in our Prize Shop.

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is create an image of your payment.

Checks: If you have an all in one printer/scanner, scan your check and save it as an image file. Some people use their phones or another camera to take a pic too.

Be sure to block out all the account numbers at the bottom of the check. Using a program like Paint and the rectangle tool is a good way to do this. Just draw a solid rectangle over the account numbers. If you are taking a pic, you can use another piece of paper or something else to block out the account numbers at the bottom of the check.

PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Dwolla: For Windows Users: Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard (PrtSc) to grab a screen capture of your online payment. Then paste it into Paint or another image editing program. Crop it as necessary. Again, block out any confidential information such as account numbers, etc. Then save the image as a file.

See more details about screenshots here: How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Step 2: Submitting your payment:

Choose Community, Payment Wall from the main menu. The Payment Wall appears.

Click the Post your payment! link.

On the Post Your Payment page, select:

-the date and amount of your payment


-the payment image


-and type in a message about your payment, such as what you completed to earn it, how many payments you’ve earned, or whatever else you’d like to say.


Click the Submit Button.

Your submission will be reviewed. When it is approved, your payment image will be added to the Payment Wall and 20 points will be added to your CashCrate account.

It’s a great way to show off your payments and a great way to earn extra points!