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Hot Summer Cash Trivia Monday, July 9th!

Join us for a Hot Summer Cash Trivia event on Monday, July 9th at 8:00 PM EST. Answer questions for your chance to win. Hang out with other CashCrate members and have fun. It’s going to be a blast!

Changes from the last trivia event are still in effect:

-Members expressed concern that questions were answered too quickly. Now, there is an open amount of time to answer. In other words, you’ll have a set time for providing a correct answer.

-If the maximum number of correct answers is exceeded in the answer period, winners will be randomly selected from those who provided correct answers.

-NEW! Some questions now have more winners!  So everyone has a better chance to win something!


You asked for more time to answer trivia questions and more winners! Hope to see you all on Monday, July 9th!