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Easter Thanks

Hello All,

During this special time of year I thought it would be fitting to thank the "Crate" for allowing me to be here. In an odd way this place  has become a daily ritual of mine to chill out and relax as well as even make a few dollars along the way.  I stumbled upon here January 2nd and there is no other site quite like it. You can actually make some money here! I look at what the top people here make in the monthly contests and it blows my mind. There are people here who do very well for themselves. I laughed at a few reviews I read about this site, people complaining they can't make money or the payment is too slow.  I am here to tell you that is completely false on both accounts. Yes you do have to put the time in to earn your cash. You have to be honest and take the surveys seriously since people actually make decisions based upon your input. I also suppose you need "good" demographics and a little bit of luck. If you stick with it I believe you will be just fine. Anyway, I apologize for rambling since I am still in a food coma from the Easter dinner we had. I wish you all a great day and I again want to thank Cash Crate for allowing me to be here. 

Happy Easter-


Special thanks goes out to mubb for the community contribution!