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Is Tax Day Always April 15th?

Taxes can be confusing. When I first started writing this post, I hopped into a search engine checking for Tax Day in 2017. Some results said Tax Day was Monday, April 17th 2017. Other results said it was Tuesday, April 18th 2017. Talk about running into confusion right at the start lol. I hadn’t even looked at any tax forms yet and generally that’s where the confusion begins.

To make sure of the date, I went to the IRS Website. I was hoping I could see the date for Tax Day on the main page of their site, but that was not the case. I had to do a bit more digging. After several searches, I found that Tax Day in 2017 is Tuesday, April 18th.

Traditionally, April 15th is the deadline for filing your taxes. That holds true if the 15th falls on a normal weekday. This year, the 15th falls on a Saturday. Emancipation Day, celebrated in the District of Columbia, falls on April 16th. So that gives us 3 extra days to file and pushes Tax Day back to April 18th. So there we have the deadline for filing your taxes.


I research and start writing some blog posts ahead of time, so that was part of the confusion too. Things should be clarified and more clearly announced as we move closer to the filing deadline.

If you run into confusion at tax time, the IRS lists forms and instructions as well as a Help & Resources Page. You should be able to find certified tax preparers in your area too if you decide to go that route, or tax software to help you file online. If you do some looking, you can find assistance (and the date for the tax deadline in 2017 lol).

A Brief History of Tax Time

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