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Work at Home for the Apple Care Support Team

Apple hires at home workers for virtual call center positions. As an Apple At Home Advisor, you answer customer questions and provide support for iPhones, iPads, iPods, iTunes, Macs, Apple TV and other Apple products. At Home Advisors provide support for both hardware and software.

Before you start assisting customers, you’ll go through an extensive training period. Training usually lasts 5 to 7 weeks. According to Apple: “The content is delivered through a virtual, online program by a live instructor. The topics covered include Apple product lessons, advanced troubleshooting, and job-specific tools and processes.” 

You need a quiet place to work from, so household noises do not distract you or the customers you are supporting. You’ll also need a fast and dependable Internet connection. Perhaps you can dedicate a room or part of a room to use as your home office. A desk and a comfortable chair will also make your work day more enjoyable. Apple provides you with an iMac and a headset.


Working hours can vary based on both the shift you work and business needs. You may be required to work more during your initial training period and on holidays.

Advisors are hired as employees and not as independent contractors. Benefits are provided for both full time and part time workers as well. If you’re interested in working as an Apple At Home Advisor, you can find available positions and apply here: Jobs at Apple

Prior experience with the Mac OS or iOS is helpful, as well as prior experience in a support environment. If you have any of these skills, be sure to mention them when applying for the position.

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