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Our 10th Place Holiday Contest Winner Does Something So Sweet!

Mindy came in 10th Place in the 2017 Holiday Contest.  She chose a $100 Amazon Gift Card as her prize and did something so nice and sweet with it:

"Thanks CashCrate! I'm so happy my efforts last month paid off! I didn't get to visit your website as much as I would have liked early December, but I'm pleasantly surprised I ended up as the 10th place winner!


I received a $100 Amazon Gift Card that I've used to purchased "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" box set for my nephew. He discovered the comic strip last year and enjoyed them tremendously, and I'm glad I could get him the entire collection for Christmas this year.


Thank you CashCrate for making Christmas shopping easier on the wallet. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!"


Get Paid To Do Free Offers!Congrats on the win Mindy and we hope your nephew enjoys the great present you got him!

7th Place Winner: Holiday Contest 2017

Mike from California came in 7th place in the 2017 Holiday Contest and chose a $100 Amazon gift card as his prize.  He had this to say: "The Internet’s best survey outfit. If you only have time for one survey program, Cash Crate is... read more

Shawn was the 3rd Place Winner: Holiday Contest 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Shawn from California and I came in third place in the 2017 holiday competition. As my prize I received a 300 amazon gift card that came just in time for the holidays. With hard work and dedication cash crate can bring you... read more

2nd Place Winner: 2017 Holiday Contest Winner

Hi everyone. I am Ankita from Los Angeles . Even after starting 1week late into the contest I managed to come 2nd and won myself a $300 Amazon Gift Card. I am feeling very thrilled right now. I have won several gift cards and cash just by doing surveys... read more