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Marcie is so Giving with her November Earnings and 5th Place Prize!

Marcie is using her prize in such a nice, giving way!  

This year, I placed 5th in the Cash Crate holiday contest, and I received a $150 Amazon gift card! I love the holiday contest each year, and find myself getting extremely competitive. I find it easiest to take the surveys on my phone while I'm watching tv or relaxing around the house. It's amazing how quickly .50 each can add up at the end of each month. My November earnings were just shy of $430, which is an all time record payout for me! I earned it all via surveys.


I used my amazon gift card along with my November earnings to purchase a ton of gift cards for family, friends, kids' teachers, and kids' coaches. It's so much fun giving back and spreading Christmas cheer to others.

Thanks Cash Crate! You guys always let me have extra fun over the holidays without the stress of worrying about my January Credit Card bill! You've been my favorite survey site for over 9 years, and you keep getting better and better!

Marcie from Ohio

The Spirit of Giving: Kevin is Sharing his 7th Place Prize

Kevin came in 7th Place in our 2018 Holiday contest and is doing something so wonderful with his prize.  Check it out! My name is Kevin. I am from Wichita Falls, Texas. I love doing surveys and sharing my personal opinions. I also enjoy knowing... read more

Samantha has Nice Plans for her 2nd Place Prize!

Samantha from Idaho came in 2nd Place in the 2018 Holiday Contest. She chose a $250 Amazon Gift Card as her prize. I plan to set aside my winnings for my children's birthdays! I am so shocked! I did surveys daily in order to get there. I love... read more

Laura Wins 1st Place in the 2018 Holiday Contest!

Laura from New Jersey came in 1st Place in our 2018 Holiday Contest. She selected the iPad Mini 128 GB or $350 Amazon Gift Card as her prize, and chose the $350 Amazon Gift Card option. Laura shares her experience below: I did alot of surveys like all... read more