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Pet Expenses and Ways to Save

Pet Expenses

Food and Treats: Dog food and cat food is an obvious expense. Your pet has to eat. Buying the right food for your pet is important too.

Toys: Pets can become members of the family, and like kids, they love their toys. A chew toy can keep your dog from chewing up your shoes. Balls and other toys can keep your pets occupied.

Veterinarian: Visiting the vet is one of the biggest pet expenses, if not the biggest. Pets may need shots, to be neutered or spayed, or might become sick.

Pet Insurance: Plans for your pet will help cover the costs of vet visits, but it’s another expense to consider. Compare the cost of the annual premium against projected costs of pet care. You may need to do some estimating, but this will help you make a better decision.

Grooming: Some breeds (especially dogs) may require routine grooming such as having their coats trimmed. Both dogs and cats may require nail/claw clipping.

Bed: Some people love their pets so much, they want them to have their own bed.

Bathroom stuff: Cats need litter and this is a reoccurring expense. Puppies may need a training pad.


Saving Money on Pet Expenses

Look for coupons and sales to save money: You can search online and check sales circulars for stores in your local area.

Buy food in bulk: The cost per pound is often less for a bigger bag of cat or dog food than it is for a smaller bag.

Grooming: We mentioned grooming as a cost above. You could learn to groom yourself and save money.

Research vets in your local area and call for prices: Believe it or not, prices can vary from one vet to another. Calling around may help you save money (this tip was provided by a Veterinary Technician).

Fresh Water: Make sure fresh water is always available for your pet. This can help avoid kidney and other related health issues.

Make extra money online to help with the costs: CashCrate is a great way to earn extra and many of our members are pet owners. Complete surveys in your free time and use that extra money to help with pet expenses.

Be Preventative: Brush your pet if necessary and keep your pet clean (this applies more to dogs). Give your pet necessary medicines such as heartworm medicine, etc. Treat pets for fleas and ticks when necessary. Doing things like this may help you to avoid costly vet visits.

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