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Is it Really How You Play or if You Win or Lose?

Super Bowl LII will be played February 4th 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The game will be on NBC.

When it comes to the game, is it really how you play or if you win or lose? In the case of the Super Bowl, both teams have a lot to be proud of even before the game starts. They’ve already had a successful winning season and made it to the championship. Both teams are in the game to win, but they had to play well to get there.

Winning can be important, but it isn’t everything. Even if your favorite team loses, you can still have fun cheering them on with friends and family at your Super Bowl gathering. If you had fun and enjoyed pizza, wings, and the people you hung out with, you’ve already won in those respects, right?


Championships like the Super Bowl, World Series, etc. bring the best teams together. They also bring friends and family together. That is, except for half time and the exodus for the bathroom breaks lol.

Maybe it is more about how you play the game, and doing your best to meet the challenge? Sure, some people will disagree and say it is all about winning. Perhaps this debate is best saved until after the game, when we find out if our favorite team won or lost.

Whatever the case may be, all of us at CashCrate hope you have a great Super Bowl and a winning year. Enjoy friends and family, and of course some pizza and wings.

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