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Side Hustle: Spare Time Money Making Ideas

According to Merriam-Webster, Side-hustle is a word on the move, and we are watching it. Although the precise definition of this term is still in a bit of flux, it appears to be centering on “work performed for income supplementary to one’s primary job.”

Many people are making extra money on the side. An old school example is having a regular job during the day, and a second job in the evenings, nights, or on weekends. Some people work a 40-hour job and then may work in a restaurant or retail part time. The key to a side hustle seems to be flexibility.

Today, there are many flexible ways to make money on the side. Here’s some examples:

Freelancing: Have prior experience, a talent, or a marketable skill? You may want to check out sites like Upwork and other freelance type sites. Often, you can freelance around your normal schedule. Projects may be short term as well.

Driving: Make extra cash with Uber or Lyft driving people around your local area.

Writing: Can you write? Create your own blog or website. Explore things like Google AdSense or other ways to monetize your site or blog. Tip: Put your CashCrate referral link or banner on your blog or site. When people join CashCrate and complete surveys and offers, you’ll make money.


Stuff you don’t need: Have some things lying around the house that you no longer need? Sell them on eBay or have a garage sale and make extra money.

Surveys: Express your opinion and get paid for it. Companies need consumer opinions on their products and services. Find lots of paid surveys on CashCrate.

These are just a few examples of side-hustles. Millions of people are already doing something on the side to supplement their income and you can too.

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