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In 7 Years, Laura has Made a lot at CashCrate! See How Much!

Laura makes money taking surveys and by doing other things.  CashCrate has a lot to offer you too!


In 2011 I joined Cashcrate. I was doing a search for stay at home jobs and cashcrate popped up. I looked into it and figured I would give it a try believe me I was very skeptical. I figured all I had to lose was time. Then once I knew how legitimate cashcrate was I was in awe. I like doing the best surveys and trial offers. You can't beat the referral program. Everybody wins.

In 7 years, I have made well over $16,000 and that doesn't include all the great prizes I have won like a 32" vizio tv, an Ipad, amazon gift certificates, a nintendo system and many more prizes.

The best part is I am my own boss no clock to punch and can do it on my time. I use my earnings to pay bills and sometimes an extra treat.

Good Luck. Come on board.

Laura from NJ

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