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The Spirit of Giving: Kevin is Sharing his 7th Place Prize

Kevin came in 7th Place in our 2018 Holiday contest and is doing something so wonderful with his prize.  Check it out!

My name is Kevin. I am from Wichita Falls, Texas. I love doing surveys and sharing my personal opinions. I also enjoy knowing that things I have to say actually matter.

The 2018 Holiday contest is fun . I really got into it this year. I love the spirit of competition. I ended up finishing in 7th place. In order to do so well in the contest, I took surveys and did offers. My prize was a 100 dollar Amazon gift card. I received in my email and I was super excited.


I used the gift card to get Christmas gifts for the wife and kids. I also enjoy the spirit of giving that Christmas always brings. My wife and kids will enjoy what they receive in gifts.

Thank you cash crate for doing the contest. My spirit of giving will go very far with the amazon card.


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