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Today Only! Do 3 Offers, Get a $1.00 Bonus

In today's Launch Week Event we're announcing a major improvement to something near and dear to everyone's hearts -- offers! As many of you know, after you complete an offer you have to wait a set amount of time before you receive credit. That's because we usually have to wait for the advertiser to confirm your completion of the offer. Starting today, we're happy to announce that select offers will start crediting INSTANTLY, without a "Pending" period at all. We're working closely with our advertisers to reduce your waiting time and to increase the reliability of our offers across the board. To start, just a few offers will be crediting instantly, but we'll be adding more and more each week.

To celebrate, we're holding a special promotion for today ONLY. Complete three or more offers today and get a $1.00 bonus credited to your account! You can complete any cash offers you want, it doesn't matter which ones. Bonuses will be automatically credited to your account tomorrow. To qualify your three offers must confirm by 12:00 AM EST. Go get started!

Win a Trip to Las Vegas!

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Launch Event Day 2 - Facebook & Twitter

Are you a Facebook or Twitter addict? If so, today's your lucky day. We've revamped our Facebook Fan Page and our Twitter account and will be holding exclusive contests throughout the week. Not just this week, but EVERY week! You'll have chances to... read more

Launch Event Day 1 - Forums Promo

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CashCrate is All New!

After months of planning and hard work, we're extremely excited to introduce you to the new version of CashCrate! The first thing you'll notice is the brand new look. Our goal was to keep the site fun, while making everything easier to use and more... read more