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November 2017 Newsletter

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 23rd. Black Friday is November 24th. Cyber Monday is the 27th. There’s a lot happening in November. There’s a lot happening at CashCrate too!

Are you competing in our huge Holiday Contest? There are $1,000s of dollars in prizes. Just complete surveys, offers, and refer others for you chance to win!


Speaking of surveys, they are a great way to make extra money for the holidays. Complete surveys and make your holiday spending money at CashCrate.

Do you have friends who could use extra money? Tell them about CashCrate. Help them earn and you earn more too! See how the Referral Program works.


Keep an eye out for a special member event on Thanksgiving. Details to be announced on the CashCrate Blog.

Tip: Completing $1 in surveys a day puts $30 extra in your pocket every month (assuming a 30 day month). Completing $2 in surveys a day puts $60 extra in your pocket. $3 in surveys a day is an extra $90. See how it works?


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