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January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We're looking forward to an exciting 2018 and lots of ways for you to earn!


New Surveys in 2018: Be on the lookout for more surveys in 2018. We are always working to bring more earnings opportunities to you!

Do you like making free money? Do you know other people who would like to make free money? If so, invite them to CashCrate and give them your unique referral link. When they complete surveys and offers, you’ll make even more! Referral Program Details.

Check in every day: It’s an easy way to earn 3 cents, and you’ll also be presented with a great survey or offer to take so you can earn even more!


Check In Bonuses: If you check in every day of the month, you’ll receive a 50 cent bonus. Starting in 2018, check in bonuses will be added to the following month’s earnings. For example, if you check in every day in January, you’ll get a 50 cent bonus in February.

Tip: If a survey is rejected by the provider for quality issues, we reserve the right to remove those earnings from your account. To avoid this, just provide honest, consistent, and thoughtful answers. Also, take your time to read each question and don’t rush through surveys.


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