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Daily Survey Guide (written by a CashCrate Member)

Raffi from New York completes Daily Surveys on CashCrate and has great success with them.

Raffi wanted to share a guide with everyone on CashCrate and created a forum post. We wanted to do a blog post about it too.
My Little Guide About Daily Surveys

I'm pretty sure there's already a thread like this here but guess it's worth a shot. Now, Daily Surveys in my opinion are awesome! You fill out some information, qualify, share your opinions, and get credited and paid $$. It sounds awesome right? Except for when you haven't qualified because you didn't meet their certain criteria or demographic.

What is demographic you say? According from Wikipedia, it's just factors such as age, race, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, etc..

I understand when a survey doesn't qualify you get all frustrated, angry, and mad.. We've all been there but the trick is to not give up! If you don't qualify for a survey try again until you reach the maximum surveys found for you. If nothing approves then try your luck on a different survey section. Let's say GiveUsYour2Cents doesn't find a survey for me, well I'm not going to give up and say "Forget it" or "I'm done." I'll just try an SSI Survey or any other survey and see if that will work. If not..well you get my picture.

Okay so now let's assume you were qualified for a survey.. Well that's great! You're on your way towards getting credited!
Here are a few tips about Surveys.

1. Use truthful information (Don't say you own a Mercedes if you own a Buick)

2. Carefully read your questions. Some surveys have "trick" or "verification" questions and answers to show that you are actually doing the surveys and not just randomly clicking and writing gibberish. If not entered correctly you can be kicked out of the survey. (Some will say like "Please select number 5 for verification purposes".)

3. If your survey has videos, watch them completely. Don't just watch 10 seconds of a Nike Commercial and hit enter or select continue. Be patient! "Patience is a virtue"

4. Complete the survey until the end! Usually, the way you can find out you are almost done or you have completed the survey is, you'll have a percentage mark or a shaded bar on your screen. Another way is, at the end of some surveys it will have a word verification box. You might also see a new page or window that has something along the lines of "Congrats for completing." I will attach a few photos of what you should get after completing a survey.

5. Only complete each Daily Survey once every 24 hours! Many new users might think for example, they can do 2 GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys in 1 day and get credited $1.60 but it doesn't work like that. Sometimes that can decrease your chances of any of your GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys to credit. So, just don't do it.

6. Don't panic if your survey does not credit instantly. Some can credit instantly and some can take a week or more. It all depends but if after a day or two you do not get credited you can always post in the Pending Offers/Surveys thread and one of the Moderators/Administrators will help you out. AKA Cashcrate Dana and many other Moderators/Administrators out there! (Sorry if I don't know all of you lol)

7. Surveys do get credited during weekends!!! The Daily Survey Guide under the survey tab just needs to be updated. Take my word for it. I've had tons of surveys approve during Saturday and Sunday. It should read, "Completed Daily Surveys are credited to your account every day of the week."

8. This is optional but try to post in the "Which Cash Offers/Daily Surveys approved for you today?" thread. Just for the heck of it.

I know I'm not a pro (only completed 87 Surveys lol) but I would love to help out the cashcrate community any way I can!

Feel free to post any additional comments or advice and tips. Best of luck with doing surveys and caschrating



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